I haven't updated this blog for over a year. What has been going on for the past year+? All sorts of fun stuff. Great projects, etc. I have started to discover how great the Ruby community is, after years of coding solo. Went to the Rocky Mountain Ruby Conference and then Ruby Midwest. Great times, lots learned. Went on to start a Ruby Group here in Fort Collins, which remains pretty small, but active and fun. December 3 is the Global Day of Code Retreat, and I will be co-facilitating the Fort Collins event with Bill Tucker. Lots of great stuff going on.

This blog now runs on MongoDB and devise, rather than MySQL and authlogic, the way it began. Do you love it? What's next, commenting and pagination? I'm always taking it to the limit.

I set up a couple public repos over on my GitHub account: http://github.com/composit. I've recently had some clever ideas in the ways of discussion forums and time tracking utilities. I'm using those ideas as a way to dive into Rails 3 and explore the new offerings there. What I've learned so far has me really excited about the new developments in Rails. Both projects (sayings and doings) are in their infancy at this point. Doings is still in "ideas" phase. But keep an eye on those two. They might turn in to something cool. I'm using sayings as the blog engine behind this site, so as I add more to that project, more functionality will appear here.

I am a guest blogger over at http://coherecommunity.com, and I wrote a guest blog post. Check it out: http://coherecommunity.com/blog/area-man-discovers-freelancing-not-what-he-expected . It's all about learning to do what I love to do.

Welcome to the new Composition9 site. Have a look around. Shortly, this area will be filled with great insightful and humorous posts by yours truly. Until then, browse the links to the left and have a great time!